My practice centers around teaching people how to access their own innate psychological health, and how to utilize this understanding for their own well-being.  This can include a healthier concept of self, a more productive way of viewing difficulties and overcoming challenges in life, and how to establish more meaningful relationships.  Often, people do not know how to change their lives.  Therefore, teaching is an integral part of my practice and this can include skill building using cognitive-behavioral and solution focused techniques.

The practice of psychotherapy is not limited to only one healthcare provider. Often there is a team of professionals working with the client, including their psychotherapist, primary care doctor, psychiatrist, teacher, and school counselor. As a licensed counselor, I value these collaborative professional relationships to help the client reach his or her goals in treatment.  I have found that the more cohesive the members of the treatment are, the more success an individual can experience in their lives.

I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology, specializing in Marriage and Family counseling from the University of Colorado in 1999. I am licensed by the state of Texas and Colorado as a licensed professional counselor.  I have worked as a clinician for over 19 years with high risk children and adolescents within a psychiatric residential and inpatient setting. My practice specializes in treating clients with a wide array of issues. These include depression, mood dysregulation and anxiety disorders, issues with substance abuse, biologically based disorders, issues associated with trauma or abuse, behavioral disorders, relationship issues such as poor social skills and parenting difficulties.

I am currently accepting new patients. My practice is located in Dripping Springs, Texas and I do practice Tele-health. My hours of operation are flexible to accommodate school and work hours. I am available to attend school staffings (IEP or 504 meetings) or treatment planning meetings if requested by the client/family.

Please contact me via phone at (512) 865-6616 or send me an email seangormanlpc@yahoo.com.